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Ain't too glam to drive a van! Sinead 'SYGOL' Hegarty joins us for Mindful Mondays

As you may know Sinead began online blogging about fitness, fashion and travel, which led to documenting her own personal life, showing us all the up's and down's - she speaks her mind, and we love her for it! She began her spiritual journey following a breakup and found herself travelling solo where she became interested in reading books and studying human behaviour to get her through the experience. She shared her true thoughts and feelings and through this she gained a large number of followers on social media and has made her career as a very popular influencer and entrepreneur. It was here at home in Ireland (summer 2019) she launched herself into starting her own business called SYGOL Ltd - which stands for Say Your Goals Out Loud. Sinead has been practicing the law of attraction and manifestation for sometime now and is a firm believer in making goals and encouraging her followers to (as its says on the tin) say them out loud! Sinead sure is walking proof of setting and achieving many goals - she has been a motivational speaker at a number of events, collaborated with local business owner 'With Love Recipes' in creating her very own protein cheesecake called 'Because Sinead Says so' and her biggest and most recent; Brave Retreats - setting up her first fitness and wellness retreat in the picturesque Island of Thailand. Whatever Sinead puts her mind to, she goes at it with her heart and soul.

Sinead & Good Vibes

Good vibes had only opened it's doors in June and not too long after that, the universe decided to send us our very own local, 'home-grown' beauty, Sinead Hegarty!

Sinead joined us initially for a pop-up Q&A when she was home for the summer which was a huge success within the local community and our team at Good Vibes. We totally admired Sinead's raw honesty and loved her being her true authentic self so we asked her if she would like to join Joanne to participate in the Mindful Monday's class. The class entailed a couple of relaxing Meditations, guided by Joanne, with an added extra bonus - Sinead Hegarty (by the way, always arriving in style in the 'Glam Van') with her views and experiences on her own spiritual journey. The Monday night class became more and more popular and the duo (Joanne & Sinead) became somewhat of a 'Dream Team', and quite entertaining at that! They had a great connection together and with anyone who attended the classes. With their background knowledge and sharing their own personal stories, this class proved to be both Mindful, educational and uplifting to everyone that attended. We all looked forward to seeing what every new week would bring and also really appreciated her spending quality time with us at Good Vibes. As one of her many passions in life is to travel and is continually striving to 'give the world her best' she jetted off after an unforgettable summer from the emerald Isle to pursue yet another dream! We wish Sinead all the best for the future and hope (ok, so this is the part that we encourage that you all Manifest this, right?) that sometime very soon she takes a 'wee scoot' back to the emerald Isle and drops in with us for a 'wee cuppa and a catchup' ;)

We will look forward to this and look forward to our next visit

In the mean time...Say.Your.Goals.Out.Loud!

Here's a link to her website: https://sineadhegarty.com/

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