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Don't worry...BEACH happy :)

In early August we teamed together with our friend and amazing yoga teacher Cathy Brogan for a one day Yoga & Wellness Retreat. The location was in Portnoo, Donegal and the event was based at Carnaween House. We set off early morning and arrived at the stunning setting, excited for the day ahead. As we stepped off the bus, taking in the beautiful scenery (and stretching the legs) the sea air immediately sent a calming vibe throughout the group. We were greeted by the most friendliest staff at Carnaween House, where we dined throughout the day for our breakfast, lunch and dinner (food was delish!)

We started our day off right with the most important meal of the day; breakfast! Followed shortly by a yoga class, taken by Cathy in the super-cute and relaxing marquee by the side of Carnaween House. This morning class was such a treat, with Cathy's own unique style of Yoga and the sounds of nature surrounding us - birds chirping, light sounds of wind and the waves crashing and drifting up from the beach, priceless. Feeling rejuvenated and even more chilled than we arrived, we all lunched together after the class and got to chat to get to know each other a little more!

A complimentary individual therapy (provided by the Good Vibes team) was also included and everyone was given a time-slot of when to come for their treatment. They could choose from a Reiki, Reflexology or massage therapy. The During this time, while waiting on their chosen treatment, the group were free to avail of the stunning setting, have their own 'chill time' - whether they wanted to chill out in the seated area outside, relax with a book, take a walk on the beach or have a coffee and snack down by the beach.

As the treatments were drawing to an end we decided to take a little coffee break just before attending the last class of the day, an hour of meditation, led by Joanne. This ended the day perfectly as we were surrounded by natural beauty, we were all completely present in the moment and enjoying the peace and tranquility of the environment. We all gathered in the Carnaween House (after nearly falling asleep at meditation class!) to finish off the day with an amazing dinner, followed by lots of laughter...and of course, Good Vibes!

It's true what they say 'An ocean breeze, puts a mind at ease'

Check out this hidden gem : https://carnaweenhouse.com/

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