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Little Penny Thoughts - Wellness from Within Event

'Little Penny Thoughts' is an ever growing business, supporting all aspects of mental health and holistic wellbeing. It originally started as a facebook page in 2015, posting daily inspirational quotes and from there gained a strong audience and rising number of followers since. Sisters Annette and Orla are the proud owners of the company, after becoming inspired by the great support and feedback they received over the last couple of years. Annette is the content creator and speaker and Orla, the Graphic/creative designer. Annette has always had a keen interest in mental health and wellbeing and decided it was an avenue she wanted to pursue. As she had always been a fan of inspirational quotes (as we all are here too at Good Vibes!) she felt that she wanted to help give others that boost or little lift that they needed to get them through their day. She thought that maybe even sharing an inspirational quote in the morning, would be a great positive vibe that could help set you up for the day - as an incentive, a little bit of hope! Little Penny Thoughts have been promoting this all over the north and south of Ireland through guest speaking at events, wellness workshops, wellness events at schools and also selling their Pockets Of Positivity mechandise - which I'm sure you may have noticed their cute little calendars sitting in maybe a friends house or maybe beside your collegues computer desk? (see pic below) Their most recent and certainly popular product was the 'One day at a time' 2020 diary, it's beautifully designed by both sisters and is filled with goal setting sections, inspiring quotes and creative illustrations.

Annette came to Good Vibes in December as part of their 'Wellness from Within' events and it was everything and more! She discussed about how their business came about, their passion about mental health and wellness and some of their own personal experiences that brought them to where they were now. You could just sit back and listen to her all day, her down to earth, bubbly personality combined with her comical story telling, she was such a delight to have. Not only did she uplift and inspire us all, she also landed with some little treats for us at the break - tea and biscuits! (I mean who doesn't enjoy a good oul cuppa tea, biscuits and good company!?) She also brought her very own 'Mrs.Doyle' - her mum! (and her backbone, as the girls refer to her as) as a little helping hand! How cute!

You can clearly see the love, admiration and support both Annette & Orla have from their own family and their followers (including us at Good Vibes!) and are continually proving to be a huge success for them and having such a positive effect on the people that they have been working with. We absolutely loved having 'Little Penny Thoughts' host an event with us. From the moment she landed, Annette she lit the room up with her beautiful smile, she was such an inspiration to us all, good craic and super 'dead-on' at that! We look forward to seeing our daily quote fix from the girls and excited to see what they have instore for the future!

Why not follow the girls for some daily inspirational quotes and of course a bit of craic!

Here's a link to their website: https://www.littlepennythoughts.com/

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