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Your joining us at a very significant stage of our journey. Both of us have been working diligently this past few years towards our goal of bringing wellness to the Northwest of Ireland and further afield.

Our combined efforts and thoughts are now manifesting in the now, as our fresh and beautifully balanced wellness centre in Strabane.

We have both recognised the need for a sacred space, a healing space; somewhere you can drown out the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect back to you and your infinite source of contentment.

Our hometown of Strabane sits on the banks of the River Mourne and lies on the east bank of the River Foyle, roughly equidistant from Omagh, Derry and Letterkenny. This combined with the closeness of surrounding areas of beauty, The Sperrin Mountains, Gortin Glen Forest Park and rolling countryside in every direction makes it the energetic perfect location for “Good Vibes Wellness”

The people of Strabane and surrounding areas have long been known for their sense of community, work ethic, creativity and resilience and as energy is contagious. We’d like to facilitate in rippling this vibe out around the nation.

We have been friends since we met at Secondary school in 1995. This connection combined with our shared life experiences and passion for healing brings a very extra special type of energy to the table. “Good vibes” as they say.


Joanne & Stephanie

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