The Deep Blue Manly Bath BombFeeling the aches & pains of sore muscles or perhaps man flu has got the better of you....well this bath bomb will bring you right round again! It’s not girly it simple penetrates your muscles, relaxes and helps with any sinus problems.“The Manly Bath Bomb” As well as essential oils having a great aroma, they are also beneficial when it comes to using them in a bath. My bath bombs are infused with 100% natural all blended together so you can dissolve all your worries away.  Bath Bomb Ingredients:
Peppermint - Improves respiratory  system 
Eucalyptus- Revitalises the Skin 
cedarwood - lessens anxiety & has a manly smell 
DōTERRA Deep Blue - gets tight into them problematic areas of aches &
Epsom salts - Help soothe those muscle Dead Sea Sea Salts - Great for sensitive skin like psoriasis and gets in deep to the muscles
Coconut  oil - Is a natural skin moisturiser
This Bath bomb is white with blue top where the DōTERRA has been added 

Deep Blue Manly Aromatherapy Bath Bomb


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