Aromatherapy uses plant-based essential oils to provide the mind and body with numerous health benefits. They work very quickly as the oils get absorbed through the skin and lungs.  They can help us with our ability to handle stress or any other emotions. 


Essential oil range & benefits:

Orange - Uplifting & Immune enhancing

Cedarwood - Mood balancing

Lavender - Relaxes, soothes and calms nerves

Eucalyptus - Decongests the respiratory system

Bergamot - Eases tension

Geranuim - Soothes and lessens anxiety

Peppermint - Soothes the common cold & helps with headaches

Clary Sage - Mood enhancing and helps with sleep

Ginger - Boosts energy & helps with sleep

Jasmine - Balances hormones & reduces depression

Lemongrass - Reduces stress and purifies the air

Tea Tree - Anti-bacterial, remves bacteria from the air

Mood Essential Oils 10ml

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