'Sleep Tight' bath bomb.  As well as essential oils having a great aroma, they are also beneficial when it comes to using them in a bath.My bath bombs are infused with 100% natural all blended together so you can dissolve all your worries away. Bath Bomb Ingredients:Lavender – Relaxes, soothes and calms nervesGeranium – Soothes and lessens anxietyBergamont – Eases tensionDead Sea Salts - Are rich in vitamins & Minerals Epsom salts - Help soothe those musclesCoconut oil - Is a natural skin moisturiser

'Sleep Tight' Bath Bomb

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  • Each bath bomb is infused with a specific essential oil blend

    Coconut oil - is a natural skin moisturiser

    Espom Salts - soothes muscles

    All products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are safe to use. 

    Pop into a bath of hot water and watch the colours and essential oild fuse together to provide the ultimate self care time for you. 

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