The Wonky Vegetables Children's storybook introduces young learners to the concept of supermarket food waste but also to the importance of not judging people, places and things on how they look. This fun and colourful A5 sized book has an eye-catching gloss cover and has 32 pages which shows the two main characters, Jack and Mum going on an exciting new adventure to save the Wonky vegetables from the supermarket manager, Mr Rufus and ultimately from being thrown in the scary food bin.  

The Wonky Vegetables is from an Irish author based in Donegal, Ireland and was written from his own passion to reduce food waste, climate change and showing people of all ages, the real magic in being different. The book is a self-published book and with each book sale, it supports an Irish charity that provides low-cost treatment with those suffering from addiction.  

This is truly a one of kind children's book that has the potential to raise the food waste issue to a generation of people that will someday have the knowledge and motivation to really make a change to this beautiful planet of ours. Thanks for taking the time to read about The Wonky Vegetables and we look forward to shipping your book from the Emerald Isle.

The Wonky Vegetables


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